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Time to Optimize! 3 Key Reasons Why You Need SEO

Google owns more than 89% of the search engine market share. Baidu, Yahoo, and Bing follow behind, accounting for barely 10% in total.

So, what does this mean for you? Or, more importantly, what does it mean for your business?

Well, when people start searching on Google, Bing or any other search engine, you want them to find you. And that, in a nutshell, is why you need SEO.

So, let’s dive a litter deeper and look into what exactly SEO can do for you. But before we do that, let’s get our definitions straight and make sure we’re on the same page.

why you need seo

How Do Search Engines Work?

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization.

When a person types in a search through an engine, the engine returns appropriate results based on what it finds in its database. To match appropriate results with a user’s query the engines have algorithms that measure and analyze things like keyword density, meta tags, and meta descriptions to better understand the content of a given web page.

Now when you “optimize” your pages for a particular product or niche, you are using these principles to ensure that the search engine considers your page during its search for a related query.

Why You Need SEO to Build Your Business:

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a small business or a large scale one. If you want a quick way to increase your sales, SEO is the way to go. And here’s why.

1. Search Engines Are Used Everywhere

The use of search engines is universal. No matter who your target audience is, you can bet that they’re using them too. When you optimize your pages for a specific keyword, it makes it easier for people searching for you, to find you.

Even if people are already familiar with your brand name, they still look up your business in the hopes of finding more information.

2. Bring the Traffic Your Way

Search traffic accounts for a major part of a website’s traffic. Search engines reward optimized pages by ranking them higher. Remember, a search engine’s main duty is to provide “relevant” information.

If you don’t allow yourself to be found, no one’s going to find you.

3. It Allows the Right Minds to Find You

Let’s assume you have a business running in ‘X’ district. You specialize in selling spare parts for cars. Now someone from ‘X’ district is desperately in need of spare parts for his car.

They type in a search for “spare parts in X” – you have smartly optimized your business website and so they find you. Your target market finds you online – all through the magic of search engine optimization.

Not a Cost, but a Worthy Investment

Now that you know why you need SEO, understand that it is not a cost at all. Consider it a wise and necessary investment with guaranteed returns.

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How can I get started with SEO?

The best way to get started, is to find out where you are now.

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