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What’s New in Google? The January 2020 Algorithm Update Explained

Google has a market value of over 700 billion. That value continues to rise given how Google is always improving and creating for itself more value. 

With Google always changing, you might be wondering, “what’s new in Google?” This is an especially relevant topic for businesses and for any content creator. 

You might want to know what’s new in Google in 2020 because it affects the SEO of your business and how it ranks. It affects how you create content and how you backlink these articles. 

Here are some updates on what’s new with Google and how you can embrace these changes in 2020. 

What’s New in Google? 

One of the major updates is a January 2020 core update, which Google announced on Twitter. 

This update is called a broad core algorithm update. It will affect all search results worldwide. While Google makes hundreds of algorithms each year, this is a main core update, which can affect the primary search results. 

Basically, if you have a list of 150 items categorized by value. This list is going to change because it sees items on the list changing in value. 

Some businesses are taking a dramatic hit on their traffic because of the update, while other businesses just started getting lots more traffic. 

If your business was hit by the core update in January of 2020, the best thing you can do is reexamine how you can gain some of that traffic back. Google provided some advice for those who were negatively affected by the update. 

The advice was to ensure that the business is providing original content with original research and resources. It’s to make sure that the headline and meta description is helpful for the users. 

Other advice from Google was in the form of questions when evaluating content. Some of these questions were, would you expect to see your page bookmarked by a printed magazine? 

Would you bookmark the page yourself or share it with a friend? Does the headline or title avoid being shocking or exaggerating? Is the headline or title helpful to the content? 

While you may be frustrated with the core changes from Google, especially if it took your site from a high ranking to a low ranking, the advice from Google does offer some guidance on how to improve the quality of your content, again. 

The important thing is to adapt these changes and embrace any changes in the future. 

How Can You Adapt to These Changes? 

While it can be hard to adapt to Google’s core update, the good news is that you can still make these changes and have your site getting considerable traffic again. 

Like Google’s advice, it’s important to remember to keep your information original. It’s important to ensure that the content is a comprehensive description of the topic and that the content is providing useful analysis of the topic. 

You can find more about how to rank on Google, especially after the update, by looking at our website or contacting us. 

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