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On-Page SEO Checklist: Ranking Factors You Need to Know

67,000 searches are performed on Google every second. It shows that there are a lot of people looking for a solution. Continue reading to learn on-page SEO checklist items.

Your business can be the solution when someone searches for something related to your product. But it requires understanding the strategies behind SEO. 

You need an on page SEO checklist. These are strategies to get your business ranked higher. It’s to get more customers clicking your business page because you are ranking higher on Google. 

Here are some SEO best practices, SEO ranking strategies, and on page optimization strategies that can help your business deliver more results to your ideal customer. 

What to Include for Your On Page SEO Checklist

One of the biggest factors that affect SEO is the content of the page

First of all, the content must be in demand. The content is essentially answering questions of your core audience. It’s answering the questions that people are typing into search engines. 

Content is king if it is also linkable. When it comes to linking your content, there are various strategies involved that can help you rank higher. 

One of the strategies that should be on your on page SEO checklist is having excellent keywords. You will need to find out what keywords are being used in your industry. It’s when someone uses a phrase or specific keywords to search for something in your business. 

Having these keywords on your page allows your business website to rank higher because Google sees the relevance of your page to what someone is searching for. 

In addition, your keyword should be in the title tag and meta description. When someone searches for something, they see the title and the brief description beneath the title, which is the title tag and the meta description. 

Another strategy to employ is having keywords the H1 tag and in the content. Remember, the more keywords that are used organically in your page means Google will rank your site even better. 

Another strategy to consider is image optimization. This is when you name the image on your page. It’s also when reducing the file of your image so the download times are faster. 

Image optimization also requires you to optimize image thumbnails. You should also use image sitemaps. 

Each of these SEO strategies is critical to ranking your business website and your business pages. Depending on your industry and the competition in your industry, implementing these SEO strategies can give your business a tremendous advantage over your competitors.  

SEO is Critical to Your Busines Success

Creating consistent content can be a headache. Creating consistent SEO content can be even more of a headache. 

But with the right information and strategies, you can reach new customers by appearing higher and higher on search engines. Essentially, more people will find your business on search engines and will take action.

For more information on SEO strategies, you can visit our website and see how we deliver to specific customers.

How can I get started with SEO?

The best way to get started, is to find out where you are now.

If you’re ready to find out how you are ranking online, click below to get started with a free SEO Analysis.

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