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3 SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid: Don’t Do This for SEO Success

Learn what not to do for improving search engine optimization for your website.

According to the all-powerful Google, its services handle about 100 billion searches every month. Internet users search for something specific that a company offers and more often than not, they land on the company’s landing page. This landing page should tell potential customers immediately what they need to know about your organization.

You should also tell them why it should work, and finally, make it easy for them to learn more about it and what you do with it. If you make mistakes with search engine optimization (SEO) on your landing page or homepage, you deter visitors and make it worse if they cannot even find you. Continue reading about SEO mistakes you must avoid…

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Here are just some of the many serious SEO errors you can avoid right at the start of your website. First of all, an SEO specialist will tell you that this is bad practice on all websites but can be particularly harmful on the main landing page. 

3 SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid:

1. Don’t Overwhelm Your Audience with Keyword Stuffing

Most SEO specialists will agree that it is better to place your brand name on the homepage, but don’t exaggerate it. It is best to include relevant terms in the header and tags, but not too many of them. This will surprise all search engines and bot crawlers alike, which will definitely lead to bad search results for your website and even worse, bad results on your search engine rankings. 

You should consider the rest of your site outside the home page for SEO. The other side should support and direct traffic to your website, not the other way around. Optimize your image captions, optimize your page layout, and optimize the right content, to name a few strategies. 

2. Don’t Focus Too Much on One Page

If you focus too much on your main landing page, you will not be able to provide enough content to satisfy Google and your website visitors. SEO companies can help determine which sites need more optimization and whether your homepage does enough or does too much. 

Instead of putting all of your eggs in one basket, optimize all of the pages on your website. Don’t just make one page user-friendly but make all of your website pages user-friendly. Optimizing your whole website will take time but consider partnering up with an SEO agency or expert to guide you through the optimization process. 

3. Reconsider Your Carousels 

Sliders and carousels can be used for any type of website, but they have no SEO value in terms of their impact on Google’s search engine rankings. In fact, statistics show that only 1% of users click on a slide. 

It may look chic, but it can also slow down your website, and it doesn’t work best on mobile devices. It is usually much more effective to have just a great image on the start page than to use sliders. 

There are SEO specialists who can help you to overhaul your website to eliminate these violations. Do you find yourself needing an SEO specialist? Contact us today for SEO help.  

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