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The Big Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2021

In 2020, all of a sudden we started spending a lot of time online. Browsing, setting up video calls, taking classes, and even purchasing goods we’d normally buy in person. Now that we have some key insights into how people spent their time online in 2020, we’re ready to dive into 2021 with some crucial ways to secure and retain new customers. 

Here are four digital marketing trends to keep an eye on!  

Local SEO 

Supporting local businesses has seen a huge push in 2020 as states went into lockdown. This is a key driver for maintaining local SEO. When someone searches for “coffee shops in Nashville”, your business can be in two places on Google’s results page, and you want to be at the top! 

Optimize your local SEO by doing keyword research and integrating key terms into your web content. Be sure all of your pages are optimized for mobile too, especially because most people searching for food and restaurants are on the go. 

Social Media Advertising 

77% of consumers will buy from a brand they follow on social media over another brand. That’s why it’s key to have a social media advertising strategy that ticks all the boxes. 

Social is an important part of digital marketing strategies for any business because it’s an exciting way to speak directly with consumers. 

Amp up your social media advertising with these tips: 

  • Keep track of your performance metrics for all social media platforms and promote your best content first to gain new followers
  • Pay for ads that direct your content to your target audience
  • Remarket current content for big-ticket pushes, like newsletter sign-ups or deals
  • Do a brand audit and make sure your content is leveled up from your competition and engaging new visitors

Short Form Videos 

We’ve all seen the rise of TikTok and Instagram’s Reels in the last few months. In truth, our attention span is getting shorter and shorter, so the 15-30 second video is right where we like to be. 

Short-form videos are a great thing to integrate into your digital marketing because they can give behind the scenes info on your operations, promote certain products, or connect your brand with influencers.  

High Levels of Personalization 

Consumers expect to have a highly personalized experience online and we have the technology to do it. In fact, 78% of consumers will only engage in offers if they’ve been personalized to their previous data. 

This is one of the hottest digital marketing trends in 2021, so get on board fast! A digital marketing agency can give you top-notch content to drive sales, but here are some ideas. 

  • Send recommendations for products to a previous customer’s email 
  • Send them a personalized coupon code when they navigate off of your site without purchasing 
  • Add recently viewed items to the bottom of a product page 

Digital Marketing Trends Your Company Needs

It’s time to implement the most effective digital marketing trends for 2021 into your business today! Get started by dropping us a line or checking out the rest of our blog. 

Don’t get left behind after the craziness of the holiday season and Black Friday. Get started on your trends in digital marketing today to increase sales, engage new customers, and form relationships. 

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