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3 Major Reasons To Adopt a Blog Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Content marketing, otherwise known as blog marketing, is estimated to be three times more effective than outbound marketing. Incorporating a blog into your website has wide-ranging benefits for businesses. This is particularly true during a time when we spend an increasing part of our day on our phones and computers.

You might be wondering what are the exact reasons why to add a blog to your business website? In this article, we’ll consider why a blog is an indispensable website feature for any business looking to generate leads online.

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1. Improve Your SEO Performance

First, blog advertising is a great way to assist your SEO efforts. When people search for specific questions they need answers for, websites that contain articles with answers to these questions appear in the search results.

Websites should create articles based on long-tail keyword search terms related to their industry. When someone visits that business’s website and finds the answer to their question, they might then choose to browse the website and make a purchase.

Blogging also gives businesses an opportunity to increase their inbound links. This encourages users to navigate around their site. Even if they just visit the website, these visitors can be retargeted with other marketing campaigns, such as Facebook ads. 

2. Establish Your Brand’s Reputation

Next, the method of marketing as a blog is important for the reputation of your brand. Consumers appreciate it when businesses appear to be genuinely helpful sources of advice. By creating a blog section on your website that gives tips and answers to FAQs, your business can present itself as an authority in the field. You can also establish your business as a trustworthy source of information.

Blog marketing is an effective way of moving potential customers down the marketing funnel. As we’ve seen, blogs help introduce people to businesses. Next, by providing them with informative and engaging content, those potential customers are now more likely to return to your website. They might also recommend you to a friend.

3. Blogging Compliments Your Wider Digital Marketing Strategy

Finally, one of the key benefits of having a business blog is that it interacts with a larger digital marketing campaign. Regularly generating new content for your website provides material for social media marketing and email marketing campaigns.

You can alert your existing followers and customers to new content on your website. New blog posts encourage them to visit your page when they might not have done so otherwise. In this way, blog marketing becomes a useful tool for re-engaging customers and encouraging loyalty from existing clients.

Blog marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of digital marketing. Try to focus on creating ever-green pieces of content that will remain relevant for years to come.

That’s Why You Can’t Neglect Blog Marketing

We’ve now seen how blog marketing is an incredible source of lead generation. We’ve also discussed its ability to improve brand awareness and consideration. Blog marketing is a non-negotiable element of a wider digital marketing campaign.

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