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What does SEO stand for?

SEO or Search Engine Marketing is a way of optimizing online content from a website to rank in search engine results for a chosen list of keywords that are relevant to the niche or industry of the website.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO includes the strategies utilized on a URL page of your website to assist this page in ranking higher in the search engines. On-page SEO can include any or all of the following tactics: copywriting, HTML source code, image and keyword optimization, internal and external links, and more.

How quickly will I see SEO results?

Although occasionally, there are times when clients see very quick results, we recommend you plan on at least three months to see results. More competitive keywords will always take longer to build authority and rank higher in the search engine results.

Will blogging help with SEO?

Each piece of content that is created for your website is another opportunity to rank for a target keyword that is related to your business and industry niche. Professionally written and SEO optimized blogs that are written with building backlinks in mind can make a huge difference in how Search Engines view your site when it comes to rankings.

What is keyword research?

At the beginning of your SEO campaign, we will perform keyword research. This process involves identifying popular words and phrases an internet user may type into the search engine when performing a search to attempt to find your business. We take a look at your website, as well as those of your competitors and look for the best keyword opportunities to target. Keyword research is how we determine the best keywords to drive the right traffic to your website.

How do you decide which keywords to use for my SEO campaign?

We take a look at your online business profile, as well as that of your competitors to look for keywords that are commonly used by your ideal customers. We then analyze these keywords to find the best ones (and all their variations) to use. A good keyword matches the internet user intent, but also provides the best search opportunities, without being too competitive.

Do I get a report?

Yes. Each month we provide a report which reflects what we have done during the month, and how our efforts are influencing your SEO.

Do I get to review my blog articles?

Yes. Our professionally written, and SEO optimized blog articles are sent to you for review before being published to your website. Our clients always have final approval of all blog articles before posting. We will make as many revisions as you need to get it right.

Do I have to publish these blog articles to my website?

No. We take care of that for you. Also, once the blog articles are published, we provide you with the URL for the articles, so that you can add them to your email newsletter or publish them to your social media platforms.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are when one website mentions another website. Links from outside websites point to a page on your website. Getting a backlink in the eyes of the search engines is like getting a thumbs up. This vote of confidence tells the search engines that your website is full of good stuff.

Why are backlinks so important?

Backlinks to your website pages, from trusted, high ranking sites, provide a signal to search engines such as Google, that your website is a trusted and valued source for information on your targeted keywords. This signal tells the search engines that someone searching for information can find that information on your website and this makes it more likely that your website page will show up in the search engine results.

Why are high-quality referring domains for backlinks necessary?

When several websites rank for the same topic, search engine algorithms can sort the results they provide to internet users, by evaluating the backlinks (or trust endorsements) for a website. More backlinks from more trusted sources will help your website rank higher in the search engine results.

How do you build backlinks?

We build backlinks by getting your blog content linked on highly ranked, niche or industry-specific sites. These links provide the information search engines need to establish your site as a trusted resource for our targeted keywords and their variants.

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