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Free SEO Audit

What can you learn with a Free SEO Audit from SEO Camelion?

Our Free SEO Audit will give you the insight you need to evaluate where your website is now. This will help you can make an informed decision about where you want to go with your digital marketing efforts.

Keywords Analysis

We will take a look at the number of keywords and how you rank for these keywords.

Why this matters? When it comes to informing Google, and other search platforms, about what your website is about, having the right keywords is essential. Often we find a disparity between the ranked keywords, and the target customer for your business.

By analyzing these keywords we can begin to lay out a strategy to improve both the volume and quality of the organic keywords for your site.

We will then compare this list of keywords to some of your top competitors for your industry and location, to give you an overview of how you stack up against these competitors.

Content Optimization

We will also take a look at your on-site SEO, this is the content that resides on your website pages. We will give you some information and recommendations on how you can improve your on-site content to help you improve your content and make it more SEO friendly in the eyes of search engines.

Also, we will evaluate the current backlinks which connect to your site. Search engines use backlink information to determine whether a website is a valued and trusted resource. Does your site need more backlinks? Are your current backlinks the right type for your industry? We will give you the information you need to evaluate your backlink strategy.

Technical Issues

We will take a look at some technical issues as they relate to your site. For example, we’ll look at your page load speed and security certificates. Above all, a basic review of these technical issues will often reveal some quick fixes which will help you boost your rankings and visibility with search engines.

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